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Touch your secret point KISS MY D×××


Hello, Boku wa Kazuma desu!!
I love Japan and everything connceted to it, I love asian music and I only listen to it,Btw I'm from Hungary,I was born in 1994.09.30.(Same birthday date 09.30. like Higashiyama-san from Johnny's) I like few Johnny's groups well only KAT-TUN& Hip-Hop Jump,My favourite members from KAT-TUN are: Koki,Maru&Jin.I like Koda Kumi too,From Korea I really love 2NE1 Bom is my really favourite but.. all the girls are awesome and I have many other favourites I like for example: DOUBLE,Brown Eyed Girls,Ayumi Hamasaki,Namie Amuro,Gackt,B'z,Exile,BoA,Heartsdales,Tohoshinki,Big Bang,Puffy,Misono,Hey Say Jump,NewS,Kuroki Meisa,4minute,f(x),SNSD,LISA,Ivy,TOKIO,B2ST

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